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April 7, 2001
Dateline: Little Rock, AR
It was déjà vu all over again! I was in Little Rock for the Capital Classic 10K. Before I tell the story, I must tell you...

February 25, 2001
Dateline: Ft. Worth, TX
Cowtown Marathon Weekend 2001. It doesn't get any better than this weekend. I got to spend it hanging out with Bill Rodgers!

February 19, 2001
Dateline: Austin, TX
With Antarctica less than a week behind me (see the full report here), I took off for Texas for the Motorola Austin Marathon. The plan was to take it easy, hang at the Expo, speak at the Pasta dinner, run some along the river path, and make it to the finish line sometime Sunday morning to watch. HAH!

January 7, 2001
Dateline: Walt Disney World
How can spending a weekend at Disney World be bad? It can't! Those of you who have been there know. It's the "House of the Mouse"--a place where escaping the ordinary is as easy as walking out the door of your room.

January 2, 2001
Well, winter is here…and just in time. My training for Antartica is in high gear now. I’ve been checking out equipment, shoes, clothes, and my skin. So far, so good.

November 13, 2000
Dateline: Athens, Greece
When Jeff Galloway invited me to run the 2000 Athens marathon, it took me about one nano-second to say yes. After all, how could I turn down the chance to run the original route taken by Phiddipidies and finish in the stadium built in 1896 for the first modern Olympiad? My imagination was no match for the extraordinary emotions of the run.

October 23, 2000
Dateline: Washington, DC
We came, we saw, we ran, we ate, we hugged, we cried. This weekend was both the 25th running of the Marine Corps Marathon and the 5th running of the Penguin Brigade in the Marine Corps Marathon. Both were emotional. Both were huge successes.

October 1, 2000
Dateline: Portland, Oregon
For years I've heard about the Portland Marathon. The word was that it is a well organized, Penguin, and walker friendly race.

September 10, 2000
Dateline: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This is about as far away from home as I can get. I am almost exactly halfway around the world. If I get any farther away, I'll be on my way back!

August 21, 2000
Dateline: Colorado Springs, Colorado
I made it. It wasn't pretty. It wasn't even that much fun. But I made it...I compleated the Ascent [of Pike's Peak].

July 24, 2000
Dateline: Saint Catharine's, Ontario, Canada
This weekend was the first International Penguin Flight School, held at Brock University in St. Catharine's, Ontario.

July 17, 2000
Dateline: Lake Tahoe, CA
What a week!! Karen and I just returned from eight days at the Jeff Galloway Fitness Vacation at Squaw Valley. This was my third year in attendance, Karen's second.

June 28, 2000
I spent the weekend "crewing" for Team SynTerra, an adventure racing team from Chicago that is going to participate in the Eco-Challenge in Borneo this August on behalf of Team in Training...

June 19, 2000
Dateline: Anchorage, Alaska
I saw moose. Actually, I ran right past a mosse and barely noticed it! More on that later...

June 11, 2000
Dateline: Babson College, outside of Boston, MA
I tell folks that I have the greatest job in the world...IF you like to travel AND if you like to meet new people. These past few weeks I've been getting more than my share of both.

June 7, 2000
20,000 of my closest friends and I got together for a little run in San Diego. Something we called the Suzuki Rock and Roll marathon.

April 2, 2000
Welcome to the new website! We're really excited ...



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