A literal and virtual community of runners

Looking for a place to start?
Looking for a running partner?

Connect with other penguin runners in your area and around the world!

You can connect with other runners who understand. You can share your joy and your frustrations about running. You can get information and support quickly....by joining one of Team Penguin's email groups.

Whether you've been active for a week, a year or a lifetime, you will find support, encouragement, advice, information, and perhaps even a running partner in the Team Penguin running community.

Team Penguin is the only running community with a penguin attitude. It brings together runners of all levels and abilities who share a common interest in improving their running and in using running as a means of self-discovery. Whether you're young or old, fast or slow, a beginning runner or a veteran marathoner, you'll find others here who share your joy of running.

You can make new friends and learn how to achieve your running goals with the help of one of Team Penguin's community groups. How? There are many virtual and actual possibilties:

  • Email Lists
    Join a general email support group like the Penguin Brigade or the Courage to Start group or one of their regional offshoots. Includes U.S. and international groups.
  • Virtual Race Groups
    Join an eGroup of runners who are training together virtually for a specific race or event.
  • Penguin Camps
    Participate in a penguin running camp this year in Boston, Salem OR, Chicago, or Ft. Worth TX
  • World Conference
    Attend the fourth annual -- and first international -- Penguin World Conference in Toronto, Canada, May 24 to 27, 2002. Waddle on, eh!

Penguin Wisdom
During pre-marathon months, my life falls neatly into two categories: things I must do because I'm preparing for a marathon, and things I must not do because I'm preparing for a marathon. Life gets pretty simple.



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