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Penguin Flight Schools

Weekend Running Workshops
Runner’s World columnist
John “the Penguin” Bingham


Two day workshops for adult-onset athletes
Saturday 9am-6pm; Sunday 9am-5:30pm

May 18-19 Washington, DC
June 15-16 Juneau, AK
June 29-30 Seattle, WA
September 21-22 Chicago, IL


(includes tuition & lunches)

Run or walk to a healthier you!
Get inspired!  Stay motivated!  Train smarter, not harder!
Lose weight!  Shape up!
Bring your running shoes & leave the rest to us!
Learn about lifelong fitness, diet and nutrition, shoes and apparel.
Get training strategies to reach your potential,
find your training zones & set up a training schedule.
Free use of a heart rate monitor for the weekend. Discounts on purchase.


~For runners and walkers of all levels and abilities, whether you’ve been running a year or a lifetime~

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Penguin Wisdom
We penguins run with more weight than eagles or sparrows. We run carrying the burdens of failures past, present, and future. We drag With us our failures as husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters. We carry on our shoulders the accumulated weight of diets that didn't work, exercise programs that didn't stick, and resolutions that were never kept. But we are running.



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