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Need information about how to cope with a running injury? Or what kind of training program to follow for your first 5K? Maybe you're doing your first marathon and have NO idea what to do about tapering. And what about that lonely feeling you had because none of your friends understood about your glorious run in the rain last weekend? We all have days when we need support and advice.

Join a Team Penguin email group to learn and to share running experiences with other runners around the globe. Join us as we change our lives.

Team Penguin Announcement List:
The official voice of
A bi-weekly mailing, this is the official voice of We'll keep you informed about the Penguin's appearances and race schedules, new features on the site, and much more. If you want a list that isn't high-volume, but is packed with info, this is the one for you.
The Penguin Brigade:
The pink hat people
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The Penguin Brigade, started by John & Karen Bingham in 1996, began as a small group of 25 runners who trained together virtually for the 1996 Marine Corps Marathon. Today the group numbers almost 1,000 runners of all levels and abilities. They talk to each other daily via the Penguin Brigade email listserv.

You've seen them at races in their neon pink hats. They're fun! They "encounter" at race events around the world. Names become faces and the daily emails often lead to enduring friendships. The Penguin Brigade is the most important force in the running community today. Find out why it's is changing the way we think about running.

The Courage to Start:
An egroup for new and renewed runners


Do you want to get started on an active lifestyle? Do you want to get back to running? Let us help. We all need a nudge from time to time. You'll find enthusiastic support and encouragement here as you begin your journey toward a healthier lifestyle. These are other walkers and runners who understand, who are struggling with the same motivational, weight, and inactivity issues that you are. They can help!
Regional Email Groups

Many smaller, regional geographic email groups have sprouted from the Penguin Brigade. If you live and run in one of these areas, you can join an email group and hook up with fellow runners for regular runs (or pancakes afterwards!)

We're currently compiling a list of these regional groups to make it easier for you to find the one that's closest to you. If you know of any of these groups, please drop us a line so we can include it here.



Penguin Wisdom
Running has proven to be about more than times and splits. Running can be a metaphor and a teacher. Running can be a mirror, and reflect more than we might ever want to see.



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