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There are thousands of runners around the country who share weekly runs in a ritual of support and affirmation. Someone in each of those groups probably knows how it started, but nobody seems to care. What matters is that the group meets every week and joins together in celebration of each other and of the community they've created.

It's not that most of these runners actually run together as a group. As someone takes a few tentative strides down the road or toward the trail, the rest fall into their own comfortable pace, which may range from six-minute miles for the Gazelles to twelve-minute miles for the Penguins. The beauty is, it doesn't seem to matter how far or how fast anyone runs.

As a runner, you belong to this enormous community of runners...whom you may never have met! There are hundreds of other people who are running every day, who are feeling what you are feeling, who think your goals and dreams are reasonable. You have only to find them!

We are currently establishing a network of Team Penguin Running Clubs to help make this happen. Join a Team Penguin regional running club and link up with Team Penguin members in your area!

Penguin Wisdom
When I am running, I forget my failures as a child or parent or friend or lover.



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