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June 26, 2000

It's an unusual marathon! At a pre-race pasta banquet, the race director warned runners to beware of bear and moose on the race course. I didn't see any, but others sighted moose during the race! Of course, the sun was up long before we were, even at 5 am to catch buses to the start. It's hard to sleep in Anchorage at this time of year anyway. The sun radiates energy, giving you plenty of energy and little desire to sleep. If that isn't enough to keep you going for 26.2 or 13.1, the scenic views will be! (penguin's journal)

Boston PFS was a huge success, according to participant reports. We serendipitously lucked into a local track meet on Saturday night! Toronto PFS is coming up in July, then Salem and Chicago in August. The deadline to register for Toronto Penguin Flight School, July 20-23, is Approaching fast! Contact Karen ([email protected]) ASAP if you want to attend. Chicago PFS, August 25-27, will be held at the Hampton Inn, 1300 East Higgins Road, Schaumburg, IL. Near Woodfield Mall (good shopping) and Busse Woods (great running!)

It's the time of year when runners need to be careful--no, obsessive--about getting enough fluids. Overexposure to high temps and humidity can lead to heat exhaustion. It's critical that you be able to recognize the signs andsymptoms of overexposure. Early recognition can prevent serious problems.

Heat exhaustion is caused by loss of body fluids and important salts. If untreated, heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke. Heat stroke is a medical emergency caused by the failure of the heat-regulating mechanism of the body.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion (excessive water loss): headache, nausea, fatigue, dizziness or lightheadedness, active sweating. The skin may be cool and pale. The victim is usually conscious, but may faint. Core body temp may exceed 102.

Treatment: Get to a shady place or air-conditioned room. Keep cool. Increase fluids. Use cold, wet towels or a fan to cool off. An IV may be necessary to replenish lost fluids.

Heat stroke (failure of the body's heat controlling mechanisms) is a medical emergency!

Symptoms: headache, flushed/dry/warm skin, rapid/bounding pulse, incoherent speech. The victim may be disoriented, confused, aggressive, and will possibly lose consciousness. Core body temps rise over 105.

Treatment: Immediate action required. Get to shade or air-conditioning. Remove most of clothes. Apply cold, wet towels. Use a fan to increase airflow. Get the victim to an emergency room.

John's in Calgary (Alberta, Ontario) for the Calgary Stampede Run-Off this weekend, June 30-July 2. He'll be speaking Saturday, at the Pre-Race Brunch, 9:30-11:30 am. At the IMAX Theatre, Eau Claire Market, 132-200 Barclay Parade S.W. Or look for him at the Running Room booth in the expo on Friday and Saturday. And on Sunday look for Canadian penguins in the marathon, marathon relay, 10K, and 5K! (full calendar)

The deadline to reserve a place for the 'Runaway to Italy with the Penguin' trip is fast approaching--July 1st! A large group of Penguins going, but there's still room!!

We'll be "stationed" in Florence the week of November 21-28, 2000. The hotel is a short walk from a major train station facilitating day trips to Rome, Milan, Pisa and other Italian destinations, although a week in Florence is not long enough to see its sights.

The Firenze Marathon and Half Marathon take place on November 26th. Penguins will be participating and scream teaming. The course winds past the Santa Croce, El Duomo, through a beautiful park and down cobblestone streets. You'll find more information in the Penguin's Den.

That's all for now folks. Be careful out there! It's way too hot. As the (in)famous Satch says--drink, drink, drink! And replenish those electrolytes too!

Karen B

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