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June 1, 2000

Join the penguins at the third annual RNR in San Diego this weekend! There'll be pace groups: from 3:10 through 5 hours John is leading the 5 hour group and members of the San Diego Track Club are pacing the other groups.

The Pace Team Clinics will be at 4pm on Friday and noon on Saturday in the expo hall. John will do a Marathon 101 clinic at 5pm Friday and 1pm Saturday. But come by the Team Penguin booth in the expo (San Diego Convention Center) ANYTIME to say hello to John and me! John also speaks at the TNT pasta dinner Saturday night at 5pm in the Convention Center.

PWCII....ahhhh, it was good, very good! Last weekend the Penguins took over the small, but lovely, town of Burlington, VT for the second annual Penguin World Conference and the Vermont City Marathon and Relays. It was a weekend to be remembered--from Ben & Jerry's to Teddy Bears to the sea of pink hats lining the finish line fence. We relayed and ran the marathon, setting a slew of huge PRs. In fact, the three women who improved their marathon times by the largest margin all TRAIN together!! What's their secret?? Makes you think there must be something to this Wanda Women stuff!

And, we had SO much fun that we couldn't leave Burlington without having designated the location for next year's Penguin World Conference. As promised, it will be on the west coast--in Eugene, Oregon! The date is still undecided, but it will be mid-summer 2001.

One feature of the conference will be the Penguin Invitational Track Meet at Hayward Field at the University of Oregon. There is NO more famous track. As runners/walkers/waddlers, we deserve the chance to compete AMONG OURSELVES on this historic site.

November 26 is the target date for those penguins who have enrolled in the "marathon" to shed 26 pounds. Hal Higdon offers information on weight loss on the Runner's World website. Go to under Getting Started/Weight Loss. Also check out some of Liz Applegate's tips on nutrition under Health & Fitness/Nutrition.


That's all for now folks. Be careful out there!

Karen B

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