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Last Updated 6/21/99

Cedar Rapids

Anne Chapman

[email protected]

Marce Zeman
[email protected]

Run with the Penguins Weekly Club Run
I like to run, bike, or skate on the Cedar Lake trail and also on the Cedar Valley trail. My schedule varies so please just give me a call if you want to run together. I'd be happy to bike with you if you're too fast for me (I'm running ~10 minute miles right now), and will gladly accompany you on a long run, carrying your gear, if you like. I also enjoy short runs so if you want some company, just give me a ring...Anne 365-8572

Saturdays at 10:00 am
Meet at the corner of South Dakota & Dartmoor in southwest Ames. This will be a slow, penguin-paced run for as many or as few miles as desired. Course is gravel road, some hills.

Please contact Marce Zeman if you plan to join us for our run!


Penguin Wisdom
When I am running, I forget my failures as a child or parent or friend or lover.



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