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Space Coast, Florida
Last updated 9/14/99


Marty Winkel
(407) 269-7247
[email protected]

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October 1, Fall Into Winter 5K, Cocoa Beach, FL. 407 868-3274
October 9,
Superun 5K, Palm Bay, FL. 407 952-3444
October 23,
Islan to Island 5K, Satellite Beach, FL 407 768-0092
November 7, Space Coast Runners 15K Classic, Melbourne Beach, FL 407
951-0563, [email protected]
November 28,
Space Coast Runners Marathon and Half Marathon, Oldest
Marathon in Florida, Melbourne, FL 407 724-2510
December 4,
Suntree Dash 5K, Melbourne, FL 407 427-9771
December 11,
Jingle Bell 5K, Cape Canaveral, FL 407 631-2740
December 31,
New Years Eve 5 Miler, Melbourne Beach, FL 407 728-5745


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Penguin Wisdom
It is clear to me now that I will never have a runner's body. Instead I will have a runner's soul.



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