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November 17, 2000

John and I just got back from Athens, where we ran the "original" marathon last week, in Phiddipides' footsteps.  What a spine-tingling historical trek!  You can read John's latest Journal entry about the race here. 

Next week we're off to Florence, Italy--with a tour group of 30 penguins--to run the Florence Marathon.  Well, actually, John and I will do the half so that we have plenty of time and energy left to enjoy the artistic and culinary delights of Florence!  This is the third year we've made the trip to Florence for the Marathon--obviously, we have a great time!  Details for next year's trip aren't yet posted on the website, but you can get an idea what it's all about from this year's web page at under Penguins Den/Runaway to Italy.

Then there's the small matter of leading the Runner's World 5 hour pace group at the Tucson Marathon on December 3.  It's supposed to be a PR setting, largely downhill course.  We'll see!  :-)

But of course, ALL of this is leading up to THE race adventure of our life--The Last Marathon in Antarctica! You can bet we’re NOT doing this alone.  Several other Penguin Brigade members will be right there with us!  We'll soon have a special Project Iceberg page up on the website where John will post about our training for Antarctica.  We've started a discussion group, which you can visit/join at, for participants, friends and family who want to follow our training progress.  You can also check out race information at Marathon Tours

What does running mean to you?  How has it changed your life?  Check out the Penguin Testimonials.  If you'd like to contribute one yourself, send it to me at [email protected]

ORN:  obligatory running note.  Observations about our daily training runs, attached to messages we post to our email running groups.  Despite frequent off-topic subjects, we ARE a group of runners.

LSD: long, slow distance (NOT a drug!) Refers to the training strategy of running long distances at an easy pace rather than short distances at a higher effort level.  Allows you to run farther and increases your endurance and stamina.


  • January 7 Disney Marathon, Orlando FL
  • January 14 Houston Marathon, Houston TX
  • January 21 San Diego Marathon, Carlsbad CA
  • February 5 The Last Marathon, Antarctica

That's all for now, folks.  Be careful out there!
Karen B


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Something strange happened as I began to find the time to run. I realized that my being gone from work or family for a while didn't really matter. It turned out I wasn't nearly as important to the fate of my immediate world as I thought. Suddenly I was liberated. I had nothing but time. Time to run, time to laugh, time to live.


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