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July 8, 2000

It’s known as the CDC, Chicago’s oldest race, and it’s Sunday, July 9. Last year it was the centerpiece of the first annual Penguin World Conference. This year John and a lot of other penguins will be there again to help celebrate the 24th CDC, with 20K and 5K runs and a 5M walk. Stay-tuned to the website for news of the race.

Every month "The Running Reverend" challenges members of the Brigade, CTS and Team Penguin to achieve a new running goal. July’s challenge may be the best since Frostbite Falls! We’re doing a "Scramble Run" across the United States--starting on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and finishing at the Statue of Liberty in New York!

Here's how it works. On Saturday of each week, the virtual penguins email the Reverend the number of miles they ran the preceding week. The Reverend totals the miles for everyone in the rookery and reports on how far we ran together during the week.

Imagine in your mind's eye, a huge pack--or flock--of penguins sweeping across the roads of the U.S. We’re on our way! In fact, the Reverend has already reported the progress on our first day, July 1:

"The gun sounded for the start of the July Challenge and the rookery waddled off from the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge. We crossed over the bridge and then turned east and raced through San Francisco (Of course, there was no traffic hindering this historic occasion.) We strode across the Oakland-Bay Bridge and headed toward Sacramento. We passed right by my house in northeast Sacramento and finished our first day of running at the historic town of Auburn." More in next week’s News about our Scramble across the U.S. Who knows where we’ll be and where we’ll have been!!

Toronto PFS is coming up week after next, then Salem and Chicago in August. If you’re interested in attending, contact Karen [email protected] as soon as possible.

Salem PFS will be at Willamette University in Salem, Or on August 3-6. It’s a gorgeous location and was one of our most successful running weekends last year. Chicago PFS, August 25-27, will be held at the Hampton Inn, 1300 East Higgins Road, Schaumburg, IL. Near Woodfield Mall (good shopping) and Busse Woods (great running!)

Don’t forget, PFS alumni who are in the area are invited to join us at PFS for a group run!

You can order Penguin apparel and the Penguin’s trademark pink hats from Ann, at RF Artists, by calling her toll-free at 888-682-9482. Or, by going directly to:

After CDC, the tour takes John to Jeff Galloway’s camp at Lake Tahoe. The following week he’ll be at Brock University in St. Catharines, just outside Toronto, for Penguin Flight School, on July 20-23. It’s rumored that the Toronto-area penguins may cook for us Saturday evening!

That's all for now folks. Be careful out there!
Karen B


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Penguin Wisdom
With the first tentative footstrike, with the first stumbling step, with the first stride of conviction toward the person I want to be, I am liberated. As the miles pass, I stop staring at the ground in defeat. I begin to hold my head up. I find pride in overcoming the past and defeating the present.


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