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May 23, 2000

Since last summer when penguins descended on Chicago and the Chicago Distance Festival for the First Annual Penguin World Conference, we've been waiting for II. Well, it's here folks! This weekend in Burlington, VT, we'll meet for the Second Annual Penguin World Conference at the Vermont City Marathon and Relays.

PWCII will have its own series of seminars on Friday night.. On Saturday a panel of Brigade members will participate in a Marathon 101 panel in the race expo. Plus, we'll tour Ben & Jerry's, the Teddy Bear Factory and Shelborne Farms, eat, run, eat, race, and share a lot of hugs and special moments. Stay tuned for the race and encounter reports this weekend!

In the words of our esteemed Satch...we're into the season where it's ultra important to "drink, Drink, DRINK!" Heat is dangerous, and even seasoned runners sometimes don't realize how lack of water can effect your running performance, not to mention threaten your safety and health. For a good analysis of why your body needs more fluids in the hot months, check out the article on the Runner's World website ( "Fluid Fluency" by Liz Appelgate, under Health & Fitness/Nutrition.

The Penguin Brigade tradition of having monthly challenges to keep us motivated was begun by DC penguin Elizabeth, who eventually relinquished the responsibility to Patrick, our Running Reverend. The Running Rev deemed May to be STICK TO YOUR GOAL month. We were to identify a goal we wanted to achieve for the month and then stay accountable to the Brigade with weekly/daily progress reports. It works! People have been reporting their goals, mileage, poundage, and all manner of activities all month! Thanks, Patrick, for your continued contribution to keeping us motivated! Wonder what June has in store for us?

Don't ask how these things get started. It doesn't matter. Within a matter of hours it was suggested that the Big Sky marathon in Helena, Montana on the first weekend of June 2001 would be a terrific event for a penguin encounter. And voila!, suddenly over 20 people have said YES! I want to do it. So, mark your calendars folks, this one could be BIG!!! (Check out the race website at:

That's all for now folks. Be careful out there!

Karen B

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