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April 12, 2000

We're online! The new, improved website has been launched!! Check it out at: We're excited and hope you will be too. You'll find material there for new and renewed athletes and runners, as well as information about Penguin running and runners. The new design and arrangement of the site should also make it easier for you to find what you need! Hope you like it!

If you have a regional penguin email group and would like it posted on the website OR if you're interested in starting a Team Penguin local running club, write to [email protected] with details. I'm collecting this information to post on the website. It may be a bit before I get to it, with CMM coming up, among other things...but eventually we'll get your group listed on the website.

The Penguin Brigade listserv will move soon from it's home at MTSU on the penguin-l server to the server. More info on the date of the change will be posted to the Brigade email group, along with mail option commands for the new listserv. Stay tuned for more details.

Less than 3 weeks to go! And less than 3 weeks til you'll be hearing so much country music you may want to run faster than you've ever run in your life! ;-) The Nashvillie Galloway Team Penguin training group did their last long run this past Saturday. Let's hope the weather will be different than the 30 degree wind chill and 25 MPH head winds we had on Saturday. Of course, we could experience the opposite extreme on race day. If you're running CMM, drop by our CMM eGroup, which you can find on the webpage under Virtual Race Groups, to talk with other runners who are doing CMM.

Most of us spend hours, if not days and weeks, planning and obsessing about our physical conditioning and training program for the big race. But we usually devote a lot less time to thinking about the mental strategies that could improve our performance on race day. Take a look at the article "Mind Over Marathon" by Jerry Lynch under 'Marathon Training' on the Runner's World website at As Mr. Lynch says, "If you think you can, you can!"

Rest, hydrate, watch where you step, rest, hydrate, avoid kayaking or other 'distracting' activities, rest, hydrate, don't try doing 165 squats because you're so stir-crazy from not running, rest, hydrate, abstain from experimenting with culinary delights like six layer flourless chocolate fudge torte, rest, hydrate, do not placate your spouse by cleaning the gutters to make up for all the time you've spent training, rest, hydrate, try not to be so absentminded you wear your clothes to work inside out, rest, hydrate, forget about testing your running legs by sprinting across that intersection to beat traffic, rest, hydrate....well, you get the picture. REST!

John and Ma Bingham are in London this week, for the London Marathon on Sunday, April 16. John will be leading the five hour pace group on Sunday. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, you'll probably find him at the Runner's World booth in the expo, but don't look for Ma there. You're more likely to find her at Herrod's!

That's all for now folks. Be careful out there!

Karen B

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