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April 5, 2000

It happens to most runners, so we'd better learn to cope and heal. Bob Wischnia offers some good advice on how to stay positive and fit when you're injured: no whining, be patient, stick with your routine, do it outdoors, sweat, strength train, stay connected, eat properly, do something everyday to get your running health back, and focus on today. Check out his article "Down But Not Out" on the RW website at under Injury Prevention/Down but Not Out.

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Thanks to penguin Kevin Murray for posting one of the cutest ever race reports to the Brigade:

"My mother always told me "Son, never run from the law" but today I made an exception.

It was a very windy 32 degrees today. Wiser men would have decided not to show up at Westfield's Shamrock Scholarship 10k. It was so cold that Gene Rayburn would have froze his BLANK off.

I was running at a 12 minute pace for the 1st two miles and then I notice that a car was following me. It was the sag wagon. I looked back and I noticed that it was a Westfield Police Cruiser with its lights flashing.

Although I was running and not driving my car, my first thoughts were the same. Oh my Gosh! I better pull over. How fast was I going? Is my registration up to date? What about my insurance? Where is my license? At this point, I realized how silly these thoughts were and I started laughing out loud at myself.

I was literally running from the law. At mile 3, the 10k race turned into my version of a police chase. I was being chased by Westfield's Cruiser #7. I picked up the pace but I couldn't shake him, he was right on my tail. Actually, my tail was sagging on his front bumper. He continued the chase but decided to stop this high speed pursuit just before the finish line.

Today, I was a lucky man, I was able to stay one step ahead of the law, but I will be watching my back as I am sure I will be eventually tracked down. Ran the 10k @ a 11m43s /mile pace. I was the last male to finish but it was probably the most enjoyable run I had in a long time.

Boston PFS is not that far off--June 8-11--and it's beginning to fill up. If you're interested, you may want to sign up now! It's a fun weekend and you'll learn a Babson College in Wellesley. Email [email protected] for more information. Other PFSs scheduled this year: Salem, OR on August 3-6; Chicago on August 25-27; and Ft. Worth TX (for women only) on October 6-8.

John will be in Hamilton, Ontario for the Around the Bay 30K and 5K races this weekend, Sunday March 26. Saturday night he speaks at the Pasta Dinner, 6:30pm at the Hamilton Convention Center.

That's all for tonight, folks. Be careful out there!

Karen B

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If I'm content too long, I get stale. If I push my limits too often, I get frustrated. So, as best I can, I give in to the moods. I'm learning that I'll always want just a little more from myself but I'm also learning how to enjoy the gift that running brings to my life.


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