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Shoes that Fit

The importance of wearing shoes that fit properly cannot be overemphasized. Typically, your running shoes will be a half to a full size larger than your dress shoes, but time is very little consistency in sizing among brands of running shoes. You may wear a size nine in one model, an eight and a half in another, and a nine and a half in still another. The sizing is even less consistent between shoe manufacturers. Forget the size. Buy the shoe that fits.

A good rule of thumb is the rule of thumb. When you are standing, you should have a space the width of your thumb between the end of your longest toe and the end of your shoe. Always remember that it's much better to wear a running shoe that's a little too long than one that is a little to short. You can always buy thicker socks, which provide more cushion, if the shoe is a bit too 1ong.

Modern running shoes are far superior to the gym shoes of childhood. By using a little common sense, you can make your first or next, shoe-buying experience much more pleasant. With a little practice, you'll find that you're able to use words like overpronation and medial support along with the experts.

Most cities have running specialty stores with qualified sale people who will help you select the best shoe for your feet. Often these stores are owned and staffed by runners. Although you may intimidated at first, they really are there to help you become a runner. If you find a store with staff who don't want to help a new runner, use your old shoes to walk to a different store!


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