2001 Walt Disney Marathon Report

Kathy Flippo

Kathy, in the pink hat, with sisters Nancy Deuel & Peggy Harper at the start of the Disney Marathon.

Deep thoughts on Disney:  I asked for greater speed; they sent me humility. What's up with that?

The encounters were awesome, and I loved sharing it with all of my Penguin pals.  My race experience wasn't so great, due to my cold-induced asthma. This is Florida, for Pete's sake!  Anyway, I wrote a song parody to the tune of "Oh, Susanna!"  I know it's very old; so am I.  :-)

I drove down to Orlando
To run the Walt Disney
I packed my GU and started out
But it was not to be.

Oh, dear Penguins!
Do not cry for me.
I got to see so many things
I did not plan to see.

I'd logged my miles, I'd done my best
I wanted Mickey's ears
Already I had Donald Duck
I brought him home last year.

The moon was bright
The mood was high
Excitement filled the air
It felt so cold, I could not breathe
I asked why was I there.

I stood and shook and shivered,
I was not having fun
My goose bumps were the size of eggs
I couldn't wait to run.

And then the crowd began to move,
I thought I was okay
Before I finished eight short miles
It just was not my day.

My lungs were tight, the air was cold
My garbage bag was thin
I tried to use Albuterol
I coughed and coughed again.

I got to see so many things,
I hadn't seen before,
The inside of the medical tent,
And a sag wagon's door.

I got to see some bravery
And some who were not strong
I got to face one of my fears
The one I'd had so long.

I heard a young girl crying,
Her face was full of pain
I felt for her, but what to say?
She said, "Never again."

I did not cross the finish line
I did not get the prize
It was my first DNF
And that's what pisses me off.


Penguin Wisdom
It is clear to me now that I will never have a runner's body. Instead I will have a runner's soul.



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