1999 Fall Appearance Schedule:

September 11-----Rockford, IL-----An Evening with The Penguin

September 12-----Rockford, IL-----Northwest Passage 5K

September 18-----Ft. Lauderdale, FL-----TnT training group

September 20-----Columbus, OH -----Jeff Galloway-Team Penguin Training

October 2, 3-----Corning, NY-----Wineglass Marathon Expo

October 7-11-----Fort Collins, CO-----Polar Penguin Flight School

October 15-----Dallas, TX-----Good Morning Texas

October 16-----Fort Worth, TX-----Jeff Galloway-Team Penguin Training

October 23-24-----Chicago, IL-----Chicago Marathon Expo

October 23-----Chicago, IL-----Chicago Marathon pasta dinner speaker

October 29, 30-----Greenville, SC-----Greenville News 10K, pasta dinner

October 31- Nov 3-----Sea Island, GA----- "Prevention" Walking Clinic

November 6-----New York, NY-----Runner's World UK dinner speaker

November 12-14-----Columbus, OH ----- Columbus Marathon Expo

November 28-----Florence, Italy-----Maratona di Firenze



Penguin Wisdom
I was the next to last finisher, but I had won the most important race, the race against myself.


Penguin Premiere


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