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With the creation of Team Penguin, John brings together runners of all abilitities. Through the Team Penguin running club and the Jeff Galloway-Team Penguin training programs every runner can make new friends and learn how to achieve their goals

Do you have The Courage To Start? Let "The Penguin" help you find the way to a life of activity with his new book.
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Make your dreams come true! At a Polar Penguin Flight School. The adult running workshops JUST for you.
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In his monthly Runner's World column "The Chronicles", John "the Penguin" Bingham documents the trials and tribulations of the average runner. As the Pied Piper of the Second Running Boom he has helped thousands of people find joy in the activity and sport of running.

Train with Karen and Kellee for the Country Music Marathon

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JOIN ---The Courage to Start: For New and ReNewed runners. [view]
Do you want to get started on an active life? Do you want to get back to running? Let us help. We all need a push from time to time. We all have days when we need support and advice. Join us as we change our lives.

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The only running club with a Penguin attitude. It's not JUST for the fast, it's not JUST for the slow. Team Penguin is a place where ALL runners can gather to celebrate each other.

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You've seen them at the races. They're fun, they're the most important force in the running community. Find out why The Brigade is changing the way runners think about running. [visit the Penguin Brigade]

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