Our Privacy Promise

Our goal at JohnBingham.com is to be your primary source for fitness content and community by providing you with the information and services that are most relevant to you. To achieve this goal, we need to collect information to understand what differentiates you from each of our thousands of other unique users. We collect this information in the registration process. During the registration process for certain newsletters or for community services, you may be asked to provide us with certain information such as your name, e-mail address, gender, age and mailing address.

Use of Information

Any personal information you provide to JohnBingham.com when registering for newsletters and for community services is maintained and accessible only by JohnBingham.com unless specifically stated otherwise. Our primary goal in requesting this information is to provide its registered users with customized information and products. This includes personalization services, interactive communications, online shopping and many other types of content and services. Most of these offerings are completely free to you. In order to provide such great content and services free of charge, we display advertisements. The better we are able to provide venues for our sponsors and other advertising partners to reach specific demographic segments of our user base, the more advertising revenue we earn. The more revenue we earn, the better we are able to provide you with new and exciting content and services. With more content and services we will attract more users. More users means more venues for advertising. And so on. Thus, by knowing a little about you, JohnBingham.com is able to deliver more relevant advertisements, services and content to its users.

JohnBingham.com may use the personally identifiable information it collects in the following manner:
  • JohnBingham.com may offer its users the ability to personalize content on the site, such as news, receive information from local running clubs, receive personal fitness tracking information, utilize training logs and more.
  • We use the aggregate data collected to inform our sponsors as to numbers of people who have certain demographic characteristics and the number of those people who have seen and "clicked" on their advertisement(s). We will also disclose to those third-party sponsors the overall demographics available regarding who saw and "clicked" on their advertisement. No personally identifiable information will be disclosed to these advertisers as part of this process; only information in an aggregate form. In general, advertisers do not want to know about you specifically. What advertisers want is the chance to appeal to large groups of users who share certain demographic characteristics, such as gender and age. JohnBingham.com gives advertisers this opportunity. If we did not collect this data, we would not be able to provide the most effective forum for our sponsors to advertise in, nor would we be able to measure which promotions work.
  • We also use the aggregate data internally to perform statistical analyses of the collective characteristics and behavior of our registered users and visitors, to measure user demographics and interests regarding specific areas within the site and to determine and analyze how and where best to use our resources. Without such data, we would not know what the most popular areas of the site are, and we would not be able to change and update the content and services appropriately.
JohnBingham.com may, from time to time, use your information to contact you about changes or enhancements to the site content and services.


It is not currently possible for a JohnBingham.com registered user to delete his or her information from the database. However, at any time you may request to be removed from our database and we will honor such request. You may send e-mail to [email protected] for this request.
Any modifications to this policy will be posted in this space. We welcome any questions or comments you have.

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