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JohnBingham.Com, Inc. has a number of advertising and sponsorship opportunities available to assist you in the promotion of your event, your business and/or your product.

Promotion of your Event

If you are planning a race or event, promoting such race or event on our Team Penguin pages will provide you access to one of the largest and ever increasing on line running communities in existence.

The Penguin Shops

Advertising your business or product in The Penguin Shops is a great way to showcase your goods to members of our running community. The Penguin Shops provide you with an affordable entrance into the world of online commerce without the significant upfront costs.

Banner and Button Advertisements also offers a wide variety of advertising options including headline, vertical and featured banner advertisements, as well as a large variety of customized button advertisements throughout the site. Due to the recent launch of, we are able to offer these opportunities at monthly charter rates.

Newsletter Sponsorship plans to offer its users a number of newsletter products. There are a number of advertising and sponsorship opportunities on a one time and continued basis.

Reciprocal Links is interested in exploring reciprocal linking relationships with other sites that share our vision and goals in the fitness community.

Strategic Partners and Investors is continuing to expand its presence in the fitness community as a result of its strategic partnerships and its ability to obtain capital from interested investors. is always willing to review and discuss future partnership and investment opportunities.

If you are interested in reviewing rates or discussing any of the business opportunities set forth above please contact us at [email protected]

Penguin Thought of the Day
"Running is alternately easy and hard, good and bad, exciting and boring. Like living, it is made up of periods of dreadful sameness interrupted by brief moments of pure exhilaration. The big difference between running and living is that runners can pick and choose those moments of exhilaration."
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