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Need information about how to cope with a running injury? Or what kind of training program to follow for your first 5K? Maybe you're doing your first marathon and have NO idea what to do about tapering. And what about that lonely feeling you had because none of your friends understood about your glorious run in the rain last weekend? We all have days when we need support and advice.

Join a Team Penguin email group to learn and to share running experiences with other runners around the globe. Join us as we change our lives.

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Regional Email Groups
Many regional groups have sprouted from the original Penguin Brigade. If you live and run in one of these areas, you can join them for regular runs (or pancakes afterwards!) Check your local running specialty store or search online for a group near you.


Penguin Thought of the Day
"We penguins run with more weight than eagles or sparrows. We run carrying the burdens of failures past, present, and future. We drag With us our failures as husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters. We carry on our shoulders the accumulated weight of diets that didn't work, exercise programs that didn't stick, and resolutions that were never kept. But we are running."

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