Terry and I, together, crossed the finish line of the Rock and Roll marathon
and with that last step completed a 3,500 mile journey.

He was great today. To say that he was 'not quite trained' would be kind. But, 
his life has been hectic lately, and running has had to take a back seat. But, even 
so we were right on target for the first 20 miles. YES.. for the first 20 miles we ran and 
walked and were with our pace team.

The last six miles of a marathon are often ugly. Today was no exception. I could see 
Terry trying to find some part of his feet to walk on that wouldn't hurt. And he wasn't 
having any luck.

At mile 23, Holly, Karen and Grandma joined us. From there the 5 of us just followed
the yellow brick road.

And 14 days, 5 hours and 49 minutes after we started, we finished.

Nothing, NOTHING has ever come close to the last two weeks....