May 9, 1999

On the road again. It's a motorcycle trip, alright. The plan has already changed.

Motorcycle trips are, by their very nature, studies in going with the flow. The greatest source of that flow is the weather. Like sailing, you have to learn to work with the weather you get.

The plan was to stay in New York City tonight. But the sky was blue and the morning uncertain, so we hit the road headed south. We're staying tonight in Newark, Delaware, about 100 miles out of Washington, DC.

The bikes are great. I'm on a hulking yellow and white 1500cc "cruiser" and Terry is on a midnight green, 1200 "sportbike". We must make quite a site, he in his ultra-modern kevlar and goretex riding suit and me in my weathered leather jacket and blue jeans.

Seeing the New York skyline is always a thrill. This time maybe more than ever because it represented the beginning of this particular journey.

Stay tuned folks.