May 20

The Penuin has landed...

We did it. 3,474 miles after we started, we finished. Terry and I rode into San Diego last night a little road weary, but emmensely satisfied. What a trip.

The ride itself, today, was in some ways one of the most difficult. We both felt the pull of the final day. Today's miles seemed especially long. Today, the seat seemed harder, the position on the bike less comfortable than it had ever been, and the bike kept making funny noises. Of course, none of it was true. But, on this last day, your mind does start to play tricks.

As we saw the mileage for San Diego drop under 200 miles, then under 100 miles, then 50... the tension mounted. Every driver, every car and truck became an obstacle to the success of the trip. We just wanted to get in. It will take a few days, or months, or years maybe, to put this into perspective.

Walking to dinner last night, I thought Terry looked taller than ever. He carried himself like a person who knows he has accomplished something. All in all, this was the most difficult crossing I've ever made. With rare exceptions the weather was never ideal. When we got past the cold and rain we were into wind that shook the helmet so much you could barely see.

But we made it. And later, as the story gets told and retold, it won't matter how difficult it was. In fact, maybe because it was so hard the victory will seem all the sweeter.

Thanks to everyone who has followed us.