May 19

Viva Las Vegas!

The temperature in Flagstaff when we got up was 33 degrees. The temperature in Las Vegas this afternoon was 93 degrees. That ought to tell you something. Visually, this was probably the most spectacular day. The ride from Kingman, AZ to Las Vegas was like having landed on another planet. I'm not even sure how to describe it. Then, we crossed over the Hoover Dam. I've seen it in movies and television, but, nothing does justice to the momumental structure.

Pulling into Vegas is like landing on an even DIFFERENT planet. Terry and I managed to get into our room and into the pool in record time. Yeah, I know, we're working. But on our last full day we decided to relax and enjoy ourselves at last. Of course, in the evening we hit the Strip. After playing the 'slots' in our hotel, we made our way to Caesar's Palace, the Flamingo, and a few others.

We had thought we might try a hand or two of Black Jack or take a turn at the Craps tables, but we quickly gave up on that. WAY too rich for either of us. We wandered the streets for a few hours, just taking it all in, and ended up at a newish place called The Venetian. I've been to Venice. Believe me, THIS hotel/casino is BETTER.

It was clearly the most upscale place we saw. One of the "21" tables had a sign that said the maximum bet was $30,000!!! I can't belive that you'd have to TELL someone that they couldn't bet more than $30,000!!!

This morning we're doing a TV appearance. They want to film us "leaving Las Vegas". Later today we get to San Diego and I'll file the last report from the road.

What a trip.