May 12

Today, we were media darlings. Terry and I were up early this morning to video some "B" file footage for Suzuki. Like I have any idea what that means. What it meant to us was that at 7 AM we were standing doing light tests and setting microphone levels. Like I have any idea what THAT means.

In case you DON'T know [I didn't], there are companies that shoot this "B" file footage of stories, like the Ride, Run, Rock event that we're doing. These are background type shots; Terry and I on the motorcycles, close-ups of us "looking at the map", us "riding into the sunset" [or sunrise in this case]. AND, better yet, an off camera person asks a stock set of questions.

The film is sent to TV stations and the local news person asks the questions live, and they play back the pre-recorded answers. Better yet, we each had to answer the set of questions TWICE, so they can pick the ones they like. As if you need to be reminded, nothing is as it seems.

We also did a quick interview and photo shoot at the American Motorcyclist Association headquarters. We talked to a very nice person who was much more interested in the bikes than in the marathon. Oh well, know your audience. The ride today was pretty short, about 200 miles. And it's a good thing.

We JUST beat the rain. Once the front passed through, we went for a short run [we are doing a marathon soon], ordered pizza delivered to the room, and ate in bed. Yeah, it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

Off to see the Speedway Museum tomorrow, and on to St. Louis.

Stay tuned... John