He's been called the PIED PIPER of the new running BOOM and for GOOD REASON!

Through his popular monthly column in Runner's World magazine, his breakthrough first book "The Courage to Start: A Guide to Running for Your Life" and his best selling "No Need for Speed: A Beginner's Guide to the Joy of Running" the Penguin has inspired hundreds of thousands of men and women to run for fun, fitness, and self-affirmation.

From his humble beginnings of trying to make it down his driveway and on to the street, to his current folk hero status, the Penguin serves as an inspiration to thousands of regular people who are trying their best to change their lives with their own two feet. Their joys and frustrations, like the Penguin's , are the classic hero's struggle against the odds.

Once an overweight couch potato with a glut of bad habits, including smoking and drinking, at the age of 43 Bingham looked mid-life in the face--and started running. Since then, he has completed 38 marathons and hundreds of 5K and 10K races--and developed a whole new outlook.

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April 3, 2004: Columbus, Ohio
Capital City Half Marathon and Commit to be Fit 5K
August 1, 2004: Chicago, IL
Chicago Distance Classic Half Marathon and 5K

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March 26-28, Jeff Galloway Running Camp [see below]


March 27-28
Spend a weekend in Florida with Jeff Galloway and The Penguin

June 20-27
Cruise Alaska with The Penguin

Penguin Thought of the Day
"What distinguishes those of us at the starting line from those on the sofa is that we learn through running to take what the day gives us, what our body will allow us, and what our will can tolerate."
"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had
the courage to start." ®
- John "the Penguin" Bingham
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